Monday, November 9, 2015

Ammon and the King's Sheep

Oi familia e amigos e amigas! 

This week was super fast! Can´t believe it´s already Monday! 

So, we have an investigator scheduled for baptism this week, Claudia. But we went and visited her and she is back with her boyfriend. So, we called President to ask for another opinion and we are going to teach her today and decide if she really can be baptized. I am hoping she can. She doesn´t have any problems with anything and she understands it all. We know she is ready for baptism, we are hoping she will see that she is too and have the strength to live the way she needs to so she can be! 

Vera hasn´t been in church the past three weeks. We went to her house this week with Bishop and his wife and the lesson we gave was one of the best lessons I have been in. We taught her about repentance and baptism. She understood the importance of baptism by the correct authority which is critical. And the only thing holding her back from being baptized is that she needs to pray about the Book of Mormon still. I cannot even begin to express to you how much I love Vera and how much I worry about her and pray for her. She is absolutely incredible. 

I don´t know if you remember Duda. Sister Rosa and I taught her, the 12 year old girl. We were finally able to go and visit her again. Her mom is less active and was in the lesson with us. She is awesome. There is definitely something special about that family. We taught them about eternal families ,which is something they both want and we talked about what we have to do to have that. Hopefully they will start coming to church again. 

We got four new investigators this week, which was a miracle. We need more. And we had five investigators at church! 
Church this week was the primary program and it was so good. Our primary consists of about 12-15 children. But they did so good! And we had 105 people in sacrament meeting! Bishop said that´s the most we have had all year! Miracle!!! 

What else can I tell you? Transfers are this week. There is a good chance that I´ll be leaving. But I really don´t know what will happen. This is Sister Diniz´s last week. And this week is going to be crazy busy! But busy is good, it means we are working and we are working hard! 

I got to help make lunch at a member´s house yesterday. She was making what they call `pancakas` which are basically like thin pancakes or thick crepes. And I got to help! So fun! I miss cooking! Think I am going to try and start making more food again. haha

Well, that´s really about it for this week, but I wanted to share something from my personal study the other day with you. I was reading Alma 17, which is about Ammon guarding the king´s sheep. When we talk about this story in the church we always talk about how his works converted King Lamoni. But, this was not his desire. His desire was to convert his brethren, his fellow-servants. He had the right intentions and because of this, he was able to work a miracle in converting the King. Having righteous desires and being willing to do what God asks of us can bring great miracles that we never expected! 
"Do what is right, be faithful and fearless" --that is my challenge for you all this week! 

Love you to pieces! 
hope all is well! 
Sister Wilkins

Our primary program was yesterday. We had about 12 kids in the primary on the stand. And like 6 teachers. haha. Made me miss our cute little class. But man the spirit is so strong with the primary no matter where you go! Tell the kids I love them and miss them! 

How did I step out of my comfort zone? I am not really sure. I tried to make more contacts. I feel like my comfort zone has become a lot smaller, maybe even close to nonexistent. So that is kind of a hard question. But I try to do something different every week, like eat a chicken foot. haha. 
Rachel´s putting in her papers too?! Holy cow the whole world is going on a mission! 

Advice to youth preparing for missions: learn to trust in the Lord now. Learn the language of the Spirit. This is something that is hard for me because the way that I feel the spirit on my mission is different than how I felt it at home and I am still trying really hard to learn to recognize it. Read Preach My Gospel cover to cover. Don´t just read it. Study it. Learn it, live it love it. Especially chapter 3. You need to know how to teach the lessons in English before you try to teach them in another language. It is so much easier that way. Learn to study your scriptures in a way that works for you. And learn to love to pray. You pray a lot on a mission and honestly it is wonderful, but for some people it is strange at first with how much we pray.

My leg is great! Went to the medic twice more this week. He said it´s healing and I´ll have a mark there for the next 4-6 months, but he was really happy with how it looked and I don´t have to go back to the medic :) 

Favorite thing to eat: I love the lasagnas here. And the ice cream. And the faroffa. Really there isn´t a whole lot that I don´t like. It´s all pretty good. 

Hardest thing in the mission so far is when we have to drop people. I hate dropping people. I just wish that I could take the person by the shoulders, shake them up a little bit and tell them the gospel is true and get them to accept it. Sadly I can´t do that and people have their free agency. 
Favorite part of the work is watching people grow. It is amazing to be sitting in the room with a person as you watch them gain a testimony of the gospel. Nothing better than that. 
foggy day view from my apartment

My Silly District!

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