Monday, July 27, 2015

week 2 and Brazil tomorrow. "Leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again" (Jk...18 months!)‏

The district with Sister Hirschi, our awesome teacher!

Sister Wright, Sister Child, Me:  Brazil bound!
Oi familia e friends!

How are you all doing!?

Things have been kinda crazy here lately after the four of us got our visas. Sister Wright was having a really hard time with all of us leaving her at first but we've talked with her and she knows this is where God wants her to be. 

This week we gave our last two lessons to Morgan. The fourth lesson was ok. We taught him the law of justice and mercy and he seemed to understand. And we talked about faith in Christ and baptism and asked him to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. He said he didn't have a problem with it, but he didn't say yes. Our last lesson was super awesome. We weren't even sure what to talk about so we had kinda prepared two lessons but we weren't as prepared and we just wanted to go by the Spirit. We ended up talking to him more about things we had discussed previously and just answered his questions. HE PRAYED AT THE END WITH US. OUT LOUD. AND he said he would get baptized!!!!! :) IT was awesome!!! 

Then, the next day Morgan walked into our classroom study in the morning and it turns out he's our second teacher! His name is Irmao Workman. His lessons are amazing and so powerful. I've been so blessed to have the teachers I've had and I'm going to miss them so much!! We told Sister Hirschi she should stow away in our luggage and come with us. She just laughed.

I got really sick this week and my district was kind of worried about me. It was just a regular cold and I felt bad that I was sick and making it so that my companions were being held back. I just felt awful and wanted to make sure that we could all study. There is no time to rest as a missionary, especially when you are learning a language, so that was hard. But I just didn't want to miss class or devotionals or anything, so I stuck through it. And I got two blessings from the Elders which helped me deal with it and were seriously some of the coolest blessings I've had (especially since they were coming from 19 year old guys). But everything is doing a lot better.

We got our visas. Elder Banz came and pounded on the door of our room Wednesday morning, saying come read this letter! So we ran over and all four of our names were on the computer screen and we went to the travel office and got our visas and it was awesome!!! We are all so excited and some of us are slightly nervous, but we'll be ok :) 

We've definitely grown really close as a district this week, which makes it hard to leave. But we're excited to be able to go where we've been called. We laugh together, we sing together, we pray together, we've done everything together and the thought of being in a different district with different companions is so weird to me. At least we'll be able to see each other in the CTM. 

Yesterday was amazing! We had such a good Sunday. The Spirit was seriously so strong. We talked about enduring to the end during relief society and it was awesome! I love this quote Sister Moss shared with us (not sure who said it): "This is enduring to the end: seeing things through to completion." I just thought that was super cool. We got to hear from Elder Stephen B. Allen, who is in charge of the missionary department of the church. IT WAS AWESOME!!! HE IS AWESOME!!! We also got to watch conference talks as a district for a while and then we watched Legacy last night. So funny with the romance in it when we're all a bunch of missionaries who can't even flirt haha. 

My lesson yesterday wasn't awful but it wasn't the best. I talked about the qualifications of baptism and why it's important for us to understand and how we can help our investigators understand too. We got to go to a departure devotional yesterday too which was just super weird because they kept talking about being in the field and we were just like ya, that doesn't apply to us. 

Today has been a rough day for our zone. We walked in to class and Brother Nilsson told us that an elder's father passed away last night, so it was pretty somber this morning in our building. We fasted for him today as a zone and he decided that he's not going to the funeral. He's staying here and doing the Lord's work. I was so touched by his example. If you could keep him and his family in your prayers it would be much appreciated. 

Thank you for all your letters and packages! It's been much appreciated! And it will be so nice to have food for the four of us to have to snack on at the airport!!! 

So excited to get to Brazil but kind of nervous!! It'll be so good to serve the people once I can learn the language. 

I love you all and pray for you all!

Hope everything is going well for you!!! 


Sister Wilkins 

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