Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm in Brasil!

I MADE IT!!!! I´M Here at the CTM and the weather is absolutely beautiful and the city is beautiful and the CTM is georgeous!
It is so nice here and I love it and I just can´t believe I´m in BRASIL!!!!! AHHHHH :)
Portuguese keyboards are really hard to get used to by the way so I might not be able to type a whole lot. I got both your emails and thank you!
The flight went well. We were stuck in the air for almost an hour longer than we were supposed to be. Didn´t sleep much either, but that´s ok.
MY COMPANION IS SISTER CHILD AND THE ELDERS ARE IN OUR DISTRICT!!!!!!! Heavenly Father seriously hears and answers prayers. And the other two sisters that were in the other zone that came with us are also in our district. There were 15 missionaries total that came with us. Two sisters are only here for two weeks since they were already in the field and then the rest are all newbies!!!
PRESIDENCY HERE SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!!! Happy day! All is well!
There are palm trees in our courtyard. We have a mini track. There are seven floors in the building. It´s a gorgeous building! I love it!!! We are all so excited to be here and be in the same district! The Elders are super excited too!
I went and found Elder Searle (?) after I talked to dad and he was doing just fine and I got him to come sit by us. 
The guy who I was telling you would help us at the Sao Paulo airport did. He was super nice and waited for us and Elder Searle to get off the flight and helped us get through to the travel people who were waiting for us, and it went super fast, a lot faster than we were expecting and no hassles and no bag checks or anything! SO BLESSED. We got to the travel people, where the Elders were waiting for us too! Man we all missed each other so much, and we hadn´t even been apart for 24 hours. Crazy stuff.
We are only allowed to take pictures on P-day which seems kind of strange to me, but it´s cool.
Sister Child and I have our own room right now, but we think there will be more people later today. We also have our OWN BATHROOM!!!! :) I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!
I haven´t heard much Portuguese yet, another blessing! I CAN UNDERSTAND PEOPLE! :)
I am super duper tired now that I´m sitting down, but we´ve got a lot of meetings and welcoming and lunch is after this and there´s just so much to do! I´m so excited!
I feel so blessed to be here safe and all my luggage is safe and every other missionary who traveled here with us is safe and just BLESSINGS!!!
Yesterday there were so many blessings while we traveled. We didn´t have to take the Front Runner, which would have been crazy and trying to transfer would have been even harder, because it was broken down and they weren´t sure why. We had so many people talking to us asking about where we were going and saying look there´s the missionaries! And then we met a guy from Switzerland while we were eating breakfast who served his mission in England and was on his way to SanFran and he played his 1920s banjo for us and sang us some really old songs about don´t let your daughters date Mormon boys because all they´ll have is cake, something, and babies and it was hilarious. We also got fed by Sue and Gordon Smith at PF Changs during our layover and they let us use their phones. And just BLESSINGS!!!! :)
Don´t have much more time left for email. But they let us shower when we got here. MORE BLESSINGS. And that guy who served in Vitoria (?) who was coming to Sao Paulo was like the biggest lifesaver there ever was. And now we´re here and the sun is shining and I´m in a district with three of my favorite people and I couldn´t be happier! Things are going so well. SO MANY BLESSINGS!!! I seriously love Heavenly Father. He´s amazing!
No pics while we are here for the next fourish weeks, but it´ll all be good and there´ll be plenty to try to describe and explain to you since you can´t see it yet. The men here are like wonderful gentlemen. It´s great.
I love it! I love you! Hope all is well!
Sister Wilkins

You can tell she is tired but excited by her email.  And we received one from the CTM president.  He said please send letters, but no packages.  Packages can't be accepted by any MTC other than Provo.  And he sent us this picture of the missionaries who arrived today.

We got to talk to her on the phone yesterday while she was at the airport.  It was so good to hear her.  She was so positive, upbeat, and happy.  We are so grateful for this amazing young woman who is such an example to us.  We are so blessed to be her family!

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