Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1 Week in Brazil and Holy Cow!

I've included some bits from Mady's email to me today, and then attached her entire email she sent for the blog.  With her limited computer time she asked that I do that.  She's not allowed to send pictures while in the CTM, and only allowed to take them on P Days, so there won't be any new pictures for a few weeks.

Language is going good, but it´s hard. Tell you more about it in a bit. We are going to give out Book of Mormons Friday. 3 per person, 6 for our companionship. Pray for me. I´m seriously going to need it :)
We go to the temple every P-day, which is Wednesdays. But that might change, again I´ll tell you about it in a bit. Only 45 mins to email here, so things are a bit hectic and I opened my email and there were 30 unread emails. HOLY CRAP I FEEL LOVED :) 
On the bright side, I´m one of the tallest sisters here. HAHA :) I couldn´t stop laughing when I realized that last night. 
Trying to include tender mercies, but Provo was like a piece of cake compared to this place, so there wasn´t a whole lot. First tender mercy here: I can eat the food. Second: my straightener works and I don´t need to use a voltage converter or plug converter. 

Oi familia e amigos!!! 
Tudo bem!?

First off, I want to say I´m very sorry if you don´t get a response from me for the next for weeks. Time is more limited in the CTM and I got an overwhelming amount of emails this week. But thank you all for thinking of me and writing me! You guys are amazing and I love you all and I miss you all the time!!!

The first day here was crazy. We got here super exhausted, and that happened. And I´m in Brazil and it´s winter and it´s like 60- 70 degrees every day and I love it so much!!!! Wonderful weather! And it´s gorgeous. We started eating food here after email last Wednesday, and it was good. But I kind of wanted to cry cuz some of it looked nasty and some of it was just gross. Then we met with the President and another missionary couple and they all speak English and it´s wonderful! I love it! Tender mercy there, for real. Then we found out that it was our district´s P-day and on P-day here they have boundaries you can walk and we went and walked around the city a little for like an hour and saw some different shops and houses and stuff and things are so different here. The sidewalks are uneven and cracking like crazy. Everything is just so different and weird and I´m not allowed to take pictures of it and I have no idea how to explain any of it. Haha sorry!!! Look up some pictures on Google or something. We came back and had dinner, which was better. The meat here is absolutely amazing! I love it!!!!! Then we took a nap and I was so culture shock and missed Provo and home and just everything I was familiar with, so I cried for like an hour. Woke up, cried some more. Same thing happened going to bed. But after the second day, no tears I´m fine. Don´t worry. Culture shock comes and goes, but for the most part it´s gone. I´m sure it will come again when I get to Floripa, but I am so excited to get there! 

So our district here actually consisted of 12 people this past week, the 6 I told you about and then 6 who started here and one of the Elders, Elder Hull is going to Floripa and he´s awesome. He´s from Cali and loves all things Disney, so we get along really well. But we got three people from our districts back in Provo who got their visas and arrived today, Sister Wright is one of them, so now our district is those three new ones, me, Sister Child, Elder King, and Elder Banz, and I am so grateful those three are still in my district because I might go crazy if they weren´t. But it´ll all be good. 

This week has been hard. Some of the people in my district are a bit hard to get along with and can be inappropriate at times, but I try to keep my chin up. And I feel like I´ve been doing a pretty good job at it. 

Oh, you´ll appreciate this one mom and dad-THEY HAVE MARACUJA IN THE SODA FOUNTAIN!!!!! I LITERALLY HAVE HAD IT EVERY MEAL SINCE I DISCOVERED IT!!!! IT IS MY LIFE!!! Haha, just kidding. But really it is so stinking good!!!

Language is difficult. Yesterday we had a "English Fast" where we weren´t allowed to speak English. I kinda failed but I tried really hard and it really opened up my mind as to how hard learning a new language is, but it also really helped me realize how much I have learned! 
I try to speak to Brazilians and we are required to sit with them at at least one meal a day and most the time I have to say What??? like four times and it´s hard cuz they speak so fast, but they are incredibly patient and all want to help us learn. 

BREAKFAST HERE IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! It´s like oatmeal mixed with cream of wheat mixed with sweetened condensed milk. EU AMO ESTE!!!! :) It makes getting up in the morning a lot easier. I love that stuff!!!! FOOD HERE IS WONDERFUL!!! DESSERT IS SO Good!!! Except when it´s really weird, but we always try it (and sometimes leave it half uneaten on our plates haha). 

The people here are wonderful. They are so kind and patient with us and learning the languages. Except at night. Instructors come in our class and many times have yelled at us for speaking English and one of them nearly brought me to tears. I understand why they are upset, but I really really get frustrated when they do it. 

I don´t know what else to say. The Elders and Sisters keep me laughing all the time and it´s good cuz I need it.

OH! WE WENT TO THE SAO PAULO TEMPLE TODAY!!! IT IS GORGEOUS AND THE SESSION WAS IN ENGLISH!!! TENDER MERCY OF THE WEEK!!!!! I LOVE THAT TEMPLE!!! It´s really small and appears out of nowhere but it´s gorgeous. 

Running out of time...what else. Challenge: Read Chapter 4 of PMG! AND APPLY IT!
We´re required to be in the choir here. Brazilians can´t carry a tune, bless their hearts. But they love to sing. What else. I don´t know. We get translations for devotionals-tender mercy again! Don´t know what I´d do if we didn´t. 

I miss you all. I love you all. 

Today as I was sitting in the temple I said one of the most heartfelt prayers of my life. I have such a strong testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. He knows each one of us perfectly. He knows our struggles and the desires of our hearts. I love Him and I love my Savior. 
Out of time.
Love you all!
Sister Wilkins

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