Wednesday, August 26, 2015



I got to Florianopolis about two hours ago. The flight landed half an hour early and it was only an hour long flight. 

But I am here. Things are going well. President and Sister are super nice. I LOVE IT! It is raining, so we can´t see a whole lot with all the clouds but what I can see is absolutely beautiful.

But I´m safe and sound. And a little tired. We had to leave at 5 this morning. But I am so beyond happy to be here. Portuguese isn´t too bad yet. Life is good!

Sorry I couldn´t call. We weren´t at the airport long. And the time we were there we were standing in line to check bags. Monday is P-day. I´ll be able to write you all then.

Know that I love you and am praying for you! This gospel is so true. I love it and am so glad to finally have the opportunity to share it with real people in my own, broken Portuguese words.


Sister Wilkins

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