Monday, September 28, 2015

Week of Miracles


How´s everybody doing?!
Things here are great! I am really excited today! 

The language is coming, it´s still raining (the past three days this week), and by some miracle on P-day the sun is always shining. And this week is transfers. Sadly, I will already be saying goodbye to my first companion.

This week was different. I don´t know what we did or how we did it, but Heavenly Father is hearing and answering prayers because we FINALLY had a week where our NUMBERS ARE GOOD!!!! :) We surpassed our goal for contacts and increased almost all numbers this week, except for baptism and confirmations. 

This week, we had miracles happen over and over.

1. We found Ana Carla at work. The other Sisters started teaching her again since she now lives in their area.
2. We were brought a bucket of like 20 pounds of food from one of the members who works at the restaurant we have eaten at a couple of times. There is now no room in our fridge for anything else.

3. My feet were dry this week!!! I bought some cute rainboots, and my feet were dry, and it was kind of strange to have dry feet. 
My new boots!

4. We were in our apartment exactly on time when it should have been impossible because of the amount of pain I was in (my rainboots rubbed the skin off my leg and every step hurt and I couldn´t walk fast). And I prayed for the strength to continue and Heavenly Father let the majority of the pain leave until we were at the apartment. 
5. We walked more than 20 kilometers (10 miles) one day, according to Sister Rosa. I should have been exhausted, but it wasn´t even that bad. I felt like I could have doubled it if my investigator needed me to.
6. We went and taught an older couple, Geraldo e Irvane, Saturday and told them that if they didn´t come to church we couldn´t visit them any more. Guess who was at sacrament yesterday for the first time ever!? Geraldo!!
7. The biggest miracle of all this week goes by the name of Vera.

Vera is our investigator. Before this week we had taught her twice, and not really a whole lot about the lessons, but about patience, love, and families. Monday night, we went to a lesson with her at the house of the family who gave us her name as a referral. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and had 3 others bear testimony of the BoM (including a future missionary who got his call this week to the Buenos Aires South Argentina Mission). We asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she was excited to. And then...the greatest miracle. We asked her to get baptized. SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I cannot even begin to explain the happiness I felt that night. overwhelming joy doesn´t even describe it. We marked the 24th of October for her baptism. I´m praying I´ll still be here to see it. 
We visited her again and she had a referral for us and she gets more excited about her baptism with every day. She came to church for the first time yesterday and said the prayer and participated in Gospel Principles class and is just doing awesome. 

What I am about to tell you, I want you all to pay very close attention to.
Vera said that she knew a lot of the people at church, a lot of them she worked with and a few lived not too far away. She said "Why didn´t any of these people tell me about the Church?"

DO NOT BE THAT PERSON!!!!!! People all around you are waiting to hear about the gospel! She wanted it in her life, "but she knew not where to find it" (d&c). Talk with EVERYONE about the gospel!!!! 
You have the perfect opportunity to do so this week!! General conference is this weekend. All you have to do is say "hey, what are you doing this weekend?.....Oh, I´m watching general Conference!" They´ll probably ask what that is and then you have a perfect segue into talking about the gospel!! SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY WITH EVERYONE! IT WILL BLESS OTHERS!!!! You may never know that it helped someone, but share it! Miracles can happen, guys! I am witnessing it every day!

My Awesome District
Well, I´m super excited about Conference, I hope you all are too! Enjoy it and watch every session you possibly can!!! 
Love you all!

Sister Wilkins

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