Monday, October 5, 2015

I survived my first transfer!

Well, hello again! 

Hope you are all doing well!

This week has been very tough for me. 
We went to teach Vera Monday, but someone broke into her other house, so she had to leave to take care of that, but things are good now. But before that happened, she told us she wants to move her baptism to November.

Tuesday we had 5 marked lessons. Every single one fell through. But by some miracle we still managed to teach 4 lessons. 

Thursday we had 4 lessons and they weren´t good. The first was with a man named Reginaldo. I thought he was a perfect investigator. It was our first lesson with him, he was a past investigator of some Elders in our district, and he had an incredible knowledge of the Bible. We taught him the whole Restoration, his comprehension was awesome. And then we finished and he said we had lost him at the first vision-he doesn´t believe that God and Christ are two different people. So Sister Rosa tried using various scriptures in the Bible to get him to understand, but he didn´t and would just come back with some other scripture. 
The next lesson was us telling an investigator they need to progress and keep commitments or we can´t keep visiting them. 
After that we taught an ex-investigator the restoration and she still didn´t want our lessons. She just wanted me to sing some english songs for her. 
And after that, we had a lesson with an investigator, Duda. She wants to get baptized but at the same time she doesn´t, so that´s kind of difficult. She´s stopped coming to activities and church. I´m not sure what more we can do to help her. 

But Transfer calls came thursday. 5:30 president called and told me I´d be staying in Oficinas! And Sisters Diniz and Crump are my new companions! 

Friday we had one lesson, the rest fell through. And in that lesson, our investigator gave us our Book of Mormon back and told us they didn´t want our lessons any more. 
We also found out later that night that the other sisters had talked to a member about Vera and she doesn´t want to get baptized yet because she doesn´t have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I went home and cried for her. I am worried about her because she wants to be baptized but she needs to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon first. 

Saturday morning we took Sister Rosa to the bus station and said goodbye. We cried. I am surprised at how much love I felt for her. I miss her quite a bit. 

We watched conference at the stake center. We tried to watch the first session in English, but ended up missing half of it because the internet connection was so slow. And then we watched the other three sessions in Portuguese. I am amazed by how much I understood, by the last session I understood nearly all of what was being said (except for some of the stories). The Spirit is so real. Even though I couldn´t understand all of conference, the questions that I needed answered and questions I didn´t even know I had were answered! I know that the gift of tongues is real, but so is the gift of the Spirit. He opens our understanding, and because of these two gifts I was able to hear the things the Lord wanted me to hear. 

This week was the most homesick I have been on my mission and I think it is because of Conference, but the spirit that conference brings here on the mission is incredible. I am so grateful we have a prophet of God here on the earth today to lead and guide this church!

My companionship has a baptism scheduled for Valquiria this weekend, and we are praying she´ll keep her commitments because she didn´t come to conference. So hopefully it will work out!

The other two sisters who live in our apartment are being transferred tomorrow. I am going to miss them a lot too. We are getting two new sisters tomorrow and one of them is training the other. So it´ll be interesting to meet them. 

Hope you all enjoyed conference and have a wonderful week!

Sister Wilkins

My District, we are all in blue!

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