Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I ate a Chicken Foot!

Oi familia! E amigos! Eu amo vocês!!! 

Sick, but Rootbeer and Subway make me happy
I'm feeling better, but last pday while I was sick we went to Subway to celebrate our "month marks" - i'm 3 months, Sister Crump's 6 month, and sister Diniz' 17 month.  It was DELICIOUS!

This week, we had a lesson with Claudia again. She fasted yesterday for the first time to be able to do the things necessary to be baptized. She also came to relief society for the first time yesterday and that was super awesome! 

Mari we are going to talk to today and invite her to be baptized. She is progressing and hoping that she will have received a response to her prayer! Hoping even more that she actually prayed!

Vera still hasn´t read the Book of Mormon. She is having a very difficult time right now, so we asked to read just a verse a day and promised her some specific blessings if she would. Hopefully she does! 

We had lunch with a less active this week named Karina. Karina had a miscarriage two or three weeks ago. She has been to church with her son every week since then. Her husband isn´t a member. But we gave her a lesson after lunch and it was amazing to see how much she changed because of this experience. She is going to be so strong in the gospel now if she continues on the path she is on! She´s amazing. People like her are what give me hope here in the mission. Seeing that one experience can change the way someone views the gospel and help them realize it´s importance is absolutely incredible. 

This week we dropped an investigator that sister Rosa and I had started teaching. I walked out of the lesson almost crying. She was so close to the truth and a member, when other sisters taught her, messed it all up by the things he said and now she doesn´t want anything to do with the church because of him, but she doesn´t realize that that is the problem. She knows what we are teaching is true, but she isn´t willing to change. I think that teaching lessons with people like this and having to drop them is honestly one of the hardest things on the mission. You develop this love for people and then they won´t change, so you cannot visit them any more, even though they know that what they are being taught is true and good. It is really sad to have to do that. 

So, forgot to tell you last week, but the Sunday before yesterday we started what is called "Hora de Verão" here, which means hour of summer. It´s their daylight savings time, and we lost an hour of sleep. Halloween doesn´t exist in Brazil, but Day of the Dead does. That´s next week. I´m interested to see if there will be any cool cultural things here with that.


Chicken Foot

Zone minus one district
We had zone training this week. I love being able to see my zone! They are so awesome! I also got mail for the first time, and that was like the happiest moment of my life. We went to lunch as a zone and I ate a chicken foot. Oh my goodness. The texture is awful. Taste, surprisingly wasn´t all too bad. 

The Utah Crew (and Elder Acosta not the far right)

The language is coming along great! Loving it! I just need to force myself to talk more to people and in lessons and maybe one day I´ll sound like a Brazilian haha.

I got 22 bug bites on my legs this week. It is awful. Brazilians rarely get bit. And Americans get it a lot. But they really seem to love me. Not sure why! It´s cool, one day I´ll be able to show these awesome scars from bug bites and try to come up with some cool story of how I got them, haha.

Well that´s about it from down South! 
Hope you are all healthy and doing well! 
Pray for you all constantly! 
Know that I love you lots! 
Also, if you have a minute read the talk about the Torch by President Uchtdorf from this month´s Liahona. It's amazing! 

Sister Wilkins

I've started a game of 20 questions with Mady.  I ask her as many questions as I can think of each week.  I get a lot of fun information through those, so I will be putting some of the things she says in reply to my questions at the end of her letters on the blog posts.  This week:

Strangest thing I've eaten so far?  I ate it this week... a chicken foot.  I didn't even have to eat it, we were at a buffet restaurant.  But I tried it.  It was super duper weird.  Didn't like the texture at all.  they took a video of it for me.

The ice cream here is amazing.  It has real fruit in it and it is super delicious!  So much better than ice cream in the states most of the time.  We have it probably once a week.  Trying to eat it less though, but at the same time it is too good to resist.

Best part of last week was definitely zone conference.  Getting to see our old zone and just have fun and laugh with them was great.  We got a new zone leader, Elder Blanchard from Orem, Utah.  He has so much energy it's hilarious.

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