Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just Another Week

Oi familia e amigos! Como vocês ´tão?

Esta semana foi muito bom!! 
haha, oops, sorry I´ll stop Portuguese and try to go English mode.

Anyways, this week was good. 

Sadly, we didn´t teach Vera at all. She´s getting divorced :/ gahh. And still hasn´t read, or opened the Book of Mormon. And the members are trying to prove to her that it is true, but she needs to open it and read it. That is the only way she can know that it´s true. But she still hasn´t done that. 
She was at church again though, so that´s good! 

Mari is doing really well and progressing. But we were in a lesson where a member brought up Priesthood and blacks and then she was concerned about that, and still has doubts that the church makes exceptions though we tell people we don´t. So that was rough. The lesson had been absolutely perfect and the Spirit was so strong and then it was ruined with those few words. 

Claudia accepted the invitation to prepare for baptism! 14th of november. Her son, Luan was in the lesson with us. She said she knew the Book of Mormon was true and he turned to her and said then why aren´t you baptized?! so he was really the one who extended the commitment haha. 

Valquiria we weren´t able to teach at all this week either. 

But all four of these women were at church yesterday!!!!! 

Brazil is still cold and rainy most of the time. We get a couple days, seriously like 2 a week, with sunshine. 
The language is coming along really well. Still speaking a lot and getting better. Apparently I sound like a Brazilian when I speak Portuguese when I am sick.

Oh ya. Caught a cold again, Friday. still sick, but I got a blessing yesterday in Portuguese and that was pretty cool!

We started apartment hunting again. President didn´t approve the two apartments we sent info about, so back to the drawing board with that. Almost out of places to look for an apartment too. Haha...so don´t know what we are going to do. I´m sure the Lord is preparing a really good apartment for us somewhere and it just isn´t ready for us yet. 

Hersheys and Root Beer!  Will and Thais Campos
The first time tried chicken hearts she wasn't so sold on the idea. 
I got root beer this week and milk chocolate hershey bar, thanks to a wonderful member of our ward. It was kind of weird tho...the chocolate didn´t taste the way I remember it...I think I am becoming Brazilian, because man some of the things I eat here I never would have eaten there (I ate chicken hearts two days in a row two weeks ago willingly and decided if I could have it every day I would because it´s so good!) 

Well, we don´t really have a whole lot going on here. 
Hope all is going well for you guys over there! 
All my love,

Sister Wilkins 

My Zone.  Zone Conference is this Friday!

The group I arrived in Florianopolis with

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