Monday, January 18, 2016

Lessons in Patience, and the Hills are alive, with the sound of muuusiiic

Oi Familia e AMigos!!!! 

This week was amazing and full of so many stinking miracles!!! 
First miracle: our furniture arrived Monday!! it´s not set up yet, but it arrived!!! 
Second: We were knocking doors Tuesday and we got our first four investigators! 
Her name is Evaneta and her three granddaughters who were home joined in the message. They really liked it and wanted to learn more and were very interested in coming to church. Sadly they weren´t there yesterday, but we´ll see. We had two lessons with her this week and her granddaughters were there for the first one, so that was super awesome! 

We have 4 other new investigators from this week! 
The first is Miguel. His family is all recent converts. He has already been to church a few times and read parts of the Book of Mormon, but he has never had the lessons. The trouble with him is that he works really late Saturday nights and gets home as his parents are leaving to go to church. We taught him the whole Restoration and he really liked it. I think it is just a matter of getting him to church. 

Our phone finally started working this week, so that was a miracle. And we have 5 or 6 less actives to visit!!! Miracles. 

We got locked out of the church this week. That was a fun experience. So as I said last week I am playing piano during district meetings. This week went so much better by far. Just a couple wrong notes, but nothing too bad. So I needed to practice piano. The lock on the gate wasn´t opening. We sat there for 45 minutes trying to get it to open, it finally opened and then when we needed to get back out we sat there for another 45 minutes, with members and still couldn´t get it open. So ya, I got locked in the church haha. 

We have walked up so many stinking hills this week, and when we can we sing...if we aren´t struggling for that´s the title for this week for ya. But holy cow. The views at the tops of these hills are gorgeous. I´ll send some pics. 

Well, other crazy experiences this week: I ate homemade avocado ice cream, which was actually pretty good. I hit my 6 month, we celebrated with delicious pizzas. 

Sister Wright and I celebrated 6 months with pizza (chocolate and bananas-yum!)
Well, I have learned a lot about patience this week. A lot of the times the Lord sends us trials so that we can learn something. I needed to learn patience. We were without investigators or anyone really to visit for almost two weeks and I was so impatient with the situation. But as soon as I learned to have patience we recieved new investigators, referrals, and help from the ward. Everything started to go right the moment I decided to be patient. it sure is funny how we learn the things we do in this life. So that was my lesson in patience for the week. 

Well, not really much else to say. Things here are going really well. 

hope all is well with you! 
Love you all! 

Sister Wilkins

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