Monday, January 18, 2016

Missionaries Sang as they Walked and Walked and Walked...

Oi familia e amigos!! 

Well this week was interesting. We have walked a ton and haven´t had much success. No one wants to receive the missionaries right now because it is their summer vacation, so a lot of them aren´t even home. So we did a lot of walking and we had two lessons this week. 
But...we HAD TWO lessons!!! We didn´t have anything the week before! 

So our first lesson was with a less-active named Nilza. She has health problems, so she doesn´t come to church a lot because it is hard for her. It was a really cool lesson and she had made a new year´s resolution to not miss a single sunday this year. Sunday came around and I was sure she was going to be there, but she wasn´t. Someone said that she was sick. We are going to visit her again this week. 

Our second lesson was a flat-out miracle. we had been knocking on doors for a while and we went and tried to contact references with Sister Wright and Sister Belo, but none of them were there. Sister Ogle and I decided that we were going to try a less active that lived on the way home named Judy. She´s only 17 years old and she is the only member in her family. We knocked on her door and I was fully expecting no one to be home, because that´s what had happened all week long. But she answered! And she was excited to see the missionaries! She, too, was wanting to come back to church, she just is a little nervous about friend groups and such, and only has two months until she goes into relief society, so she´s kind of at that awkward hard age. Sadly she wasn´t at church this week. But we are visiting her tomorrow with a young woman.

Saturday we were walking back from a neighborhood and a 13 year old boy ran up to us, said he was Mormon and that he and his cousin had been trying to find the church last week but couldn´t. We gave him the address and we are almost 100% sure he was at church on Sunday with his family. So I guess that´s the miracle of the week. We helped one family who had recently moved get to church. 

We had our first district meeting this week. Elder Cervantes is my district leader again! He asked me to play piano for district I practiced and all that practice I did years ago on our little old piano helped out. And I played the right hand notes of Nearer my God to Thee. And it actually went pretty well. I was so stinking nervous. And then I played Count Your Many Blessings, well I attempted to play. I have been practicing this song since I got to the field, and I missed a lot of notes, so I have got a long way to improve, but I played one song!!! Haha. 

Well, I really don´t have much else to say this week. 
Hope things are going well for you! 
Love you all!

Sister Wilkins
I made brigadeiro, a really good chocolate treat not found in the US

a ketchup packet exploded all over me.  This is me trying to clean it up

I visited Italy!  At least the street 

My new district


Sister Ogle and I on Sunday

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