Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Still the clumsy Sister Wilkins you know and love...

Oi querida família e amigos! 

Well, here in Brazil it went from winter to summer practically overnight. Now I am sweating all over again. It is HOT! But it´s cool...will be returning with an awesome tan.

Well this week was Brazilian independence day, so like any other holiday here, we had churrasco! It was legit. 
We also had a super awesome family night with some members. I went to do an object lesson with cups and knifes and accidentally broke a glass cup....still the clumsy Sister Wilkins you all know and love ;) 

Well, we had an Exposição of the Book of Mormon with 12 missionaries on a square across the street from a huge Catholic church. It was awesome. We had almost 100 contacts in just a few hours and new people to visit!!! 

We also had zone training this week,, and Sister Galvão and I gave a training on the 5 myths or truths in our mission...that we learned about a couple months back. 1-We can find one new investigator every day. 2-We can invite people to be baptized the first lesson. Every time. 3-Talk with EVERYONE. 4- We can have 1 investigator at church every week. 5- Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles. We talked about experiences with these 5 things, how people have been doing with it and how it has been working. It was really good!
And we got mail! Got letters from friends from the mission! So fun to hear from people! 

So, one of our investigators I´ve told you about is Elizabete. We had a lesson with her about how to recognize the answers that Heavenly Father sends us and how to receive these answers. We gave her a Book of Mormon of her own and she was so excited! And she came to church! Please pray that she will recognize the answer! She is so ready and understands so well! It is the only thing she is missing right now. 

In other news, I cut my hair. Not sure how good of an idea that one was, but hopefully it doesn´t look too bad. 

Well, love you all!
Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Wilkins

Book of Mormon Exposition...I think that´s how you say it:


Haircut (hard to see but she framed my face a little too much...)

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