Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

Oi família e amigos!!! 

Well, it has begun to rain here. And sometimes it rains like a mist and it almost looks like snow. And then I almost feel like it could almost be Christmas. And then I sing a lot of Christmas music and then my companion looks at me strange because she doesn´t have the same love for Christmas music as I do...haha. 

Well, this week we had a lesson with Everton and Sinara who have 4 boys. We taught about the Book of Mormon and they were really excited to see us and just excited about everything really. We went back last night to see if they´d read...sadly they hadn´t. But they understood the importance when we left early to let them read. AND Everton wanted to say a prayer with us before we left. Like really really really wanted to. We let him say the prayer and he was so happy, so excited. Man I love that family!! They are wonderful! Please pray for them that they will be able to get a day off work so that they can come to church. They work on Sundays. 

I had an amazing experience this week with listening to the promptings of the Spirit. We were knocking doors, on the same road that we always knock because it is HUGE. And then we passed a road that we pass all the time, that I really had never even realized was there. I stopped in the middle of the road. I looked at the road sign, looked down the road, back at the road sign and would have just continued walking but something told me we had to go down that road. So we started knocking doors. Some guy asked me if I was his cousin as he passed us in his truck. Turns out nearly everyone on the street is related. But we knocked for a while, until finally Allan let us in. It´s been a while since he´s been to any church and he doesn´t know why he stopped going. He was going to serve a mission for his church. But we sat down and started talking with him, and he told us he asks himself two questions every day: "What is faith? And Could it be that  I have faith?" Well, we taught him for about twenty minutes from the scriptures about faith. And at the end I looked him in the eye and I asked him, "Allan, with everything that we´ve taught you, what do you think now? Do you have faith." His response nearly brought tears to my eyes. He said, "With everything you have said, I think...no, I am certain that I have faith." The spirit was so strong and I was so happy. Man, I wouldn't give up these feelings for anything. 
WE went back yesterday and taught his wife too, Eliziana. They are super awesome! Please pray for them! They want to come to church! 

WE did Torta na cara (pie in the face) for an integration night again and it was hilarious! 

We bought a Christmas tree with blinking lights!!!! :) That is real happiness my friends. 

Yesterday there was a "regional" stake conference. It was a broadcast for all of Brazil. Elder Holland talked. He tried to speak in portuguese and it was super sweet. But he gave the rest of his talk in English and it was translated. But he talked about how we can be better, how the saints can be more perfected here in Brazil. But I believe it applies to everywhere, so I will share with you what he said:
1-Behave and act the way that you would in the temple. Practice in the home what you learn in the temple. Remove the things in your house that don´t help you to do this. 
2- Obey faithfully the law of tithing!!! We have to pay tithing to build temples and to be worthy to enter these temples. 
Please apply this in your homes!! It will bless you!! 

Well, not much time left and really not much else to say. 
I love you all! 
Have a great week! 
Remember the reason for the season and #SEJAaLUZdoMUNDO
Sister Wilkins

Mosiah 14-17

Santa pillow

Mari, from the Fazenda! 

Allan and Eliziana´s hedgehog

Our little Christmas tree

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