Monday, April 18, 2016

9 Months and a Long Way to Go....

Well, hey fam! And amigos! 

This week was good! 
Sadly, Bruna and Robson moved this week back to their home city. Good news is it is in our mission and is an area with Sisters. There is a chance I can see them again during my mission as baptized members of the church!!! :) Heavenly Father is so good. 

We had an investigator that we have only been able to visit once before this week. His name is Juneval. He is dating a less active, Laura. We talked about the Book of Mormon with the two of them this week and it went really well. We invited them both to read and pray about it and they said they would. Juneval has been reallly interested in the fact that we have living apostles and prophets and doesn´t believe that no one told him about this before. He was really excited to learn about it and asks a lot of really good questions. We asked him at the end of that lesson to be baptized when he knows the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and he accepted!!! Laura said that his mom might not like it though. She is really Catholic and wants Juneval to get married in the Catholic church. He doesn´t want anything to do with it haha. 

Our less active, Judy, came to church yesterday! She turned 18 recently so she got to join us in Relief Society! It was awesome, the Relief Society welcomed her in and I think it really helped. And then after sacrament meeting she came up to us and said that she wanted to talk to the Bishop about getting her patriarchal blessing!!! Miracles! She will be interviewed for the recommend next week! We are super excited for her! 

Well, this week I officiallly hit my 9 month mark. Yup, that was weird. We ate pizza for lunch, made chocolate chip cookies and that was about it to celebrate. It was Dstrict meeting day too and the elders made a cake for all of us. It was super delicious.

So, recently I have been struggling a bit...or a lot a bit...with feeling like I have been a successful missionary. I have been watching friends have tons of baptisms and here I am in the area with the most success with baptisms in the mission and I´ve got nothing. 
I started studying the other day,  don´t even remember what I was studying, but I started learning about how numbers are not what is important to the Lord. Yes He wants us to help His children, yes He wants them baptized. But us having those numbers is not what is important. Our purpose here is to help others come unto Christ. A lot of the times that means planting seeds. We aren´t always going to have the rewards right here right now because our timing is not perfect, but the Lord´s is. He knows all, His plan is perfect, He knows what He is doing. And sometimes we have to be humble enough to submit to His will and understand that this life is not always going to be the way that we want it. It doesn´t matter if we have baptisms here on the mission, as long as we are doing our part. There is a scripture that talks about how we will reap the rewards if we work really hard. It doesn´t say when. Those results could be in 3 days, 3 months, 3 years, during the mission, after, or even after this life. The fact is we don´t know when, so it is important to do what is right and work hard here now so that one day we can see the fruits of our labors. 

I am so grateful to be here on a mission. To be able to serve others every day. To be ale to talk to my Savior and about Him on a daily basis and draw closer to Him. I am grateful for all of the experiences here. President Silva sent us a message last week talking about the parable of the Butterfly and how we ask for patience, we are sent trials that will develop that quality. We ask for a job, the Lord gives us the health to work hard. We ask for anything...we always get what we ask for, just not always the way we want it, but in the way the Lord knows we need it. I know that His plan is perfect and will get us through. He will not give us anything we cannot handle. 1 nephi 3:7

I love you all! 

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