Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Easter.....from Sister "Whiskey"

Well, OI!!!! 

So this week was pretty great, WE have a new sister in our house from Columbia and she is super cute and super awesome. 

This week we got a lot of rain. It literally rained for more than 15 hours straight one day. Streets were flooded, and that was just super fun. We were absolutely soaked, but since then the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! 

Well, this week we found a blind lady who is 90 years old and less active, She is super cute and super sweet, and she really just wanted to talk to the sisters. She asked our names and couldn´t pronounce them right, and Sister Wilkins quickly evolved into Sister Whiskey. She thought it was pretty hilarious, and it was pretty funny. Sister Ogle is Sister Olga, haha. She´s fun and we are going to start visiting her more.

We made pancakes this week! And BACON!!!!! And MAPLE SYRUP!!! It was super delicious! (Thank you mom and dad for syrup :) )
We also tried fried bananas with guacamole, which sounds awful but it was INCREDIBLE...ya that´s columbian food. 

Helena, a less active who we have been working with the whole time we have been here FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!!!! :) I cannot even begin to explain how excited we were about that!!! IT was amazing! And she even brought us chocolate for Easter because she was worried we wouldn´t have any :)

Happy (late) Easter!!! We got lots of chocolate from members...hope that you guys all got some too. We went and talked to people about Easter on the beach #Hallelujah. IT was pretty great. We ended up with 75 contacts, which is basically a miracle. 

Well, really not much happened this week. That´s about it. 
We teach, walk, eat, and sleep, but really there isn´t any lifestyle better than this because I know that I am sharing something good and true with the people. And everyday I have the opportunity to share with people that Christ lives, that He is our Savior and that He suffered for every single one of us so that we don´t have to do anything alone. I know that He knows each one of us perfectly, and that is what I am grateful for this Easter season. For a Savior who loves us perfectly and unconditionally and that because of His suffering and ressurrection we can be better and more like Him every day! I love my SAvior! He lives! 

Don´t forget to watch conference this weekend and invite everyone you know to listen to a servant of God! 
Love you all! 
Até mais!
Sister Wilkins

Pictures still aren´t working. sorry

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