Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mission Tour and Cristo Luz

Well, hello people.

Again this computer or my camera is not working, so I will not be able to send pictures, which means that a lot of the stories I wanted to share with you probably won´t make sense. But I will try.

Last week sister Ogle and I tried to visit Cristo Luz, we got up there and got to take pictures with one that is like 7 feet tall, but found out that it is now closed there on Mondays. That was a bummer. 

Transfer calls came, and nothing. I won´t be transferred! Neither will sister Ogle! 

Well this week we met with 3 new less actives. Two are from the same family-Laura and Daiane. They are super cute, super sweet. We are teaching Laura´s boyfriend, Juneval, now. He loved the first lesson. We haven´t finished. But he wanted to understand how we have apostles and prophets on the earth today and was shocked that no one had ever said anything about that to him before! 
We are also going to start teaching Daiane´s husband and his sisters, so that is exciting! 

Bruna and Robson are still doing awesome! 

We got to meet with Elder Zwick this week, a member of the 70. He talked a lot about how we can have better success in the mission. How we need to pray for our bishops and ward counsels and those of the whole mission as well. He talked about studying and how the people/misisonaries who don´t study and progress end up going downhill and leaving the church or becoming inactive. Those who study will reach a new level of spirituality they didn´t know possible. 
Don´t forget to do your study!!! :) 
We sang for elder zwick, which ended up as miracles because brazilians in general can´t sing. And there were 3 american sisters, all the elders were american and there were another 5 sisters i think. 
Sister Ogle and I also got called up to the front to do a practice training. That was really nerve wracking, but he said that it went really good. And he wrote our names in his Preach My Gospel because of it...haha crazy stuff. 

Well, I am basically out of time. Sorry not much to say this week. Sorry there aren´t any pictures again. This makes literally no sense to me. 

I love you all! 
Keep studying! 
Keep up the good work! 
And keep smiling! 
Love ya! 
Sister Wilkins

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