Thursday, March 3, 2016

"The Spirit was literally attacking him!"


I hope you all had a great week! Mine was absolutely fabulous! 

Monday night we had a cool experience. There is a member, Marcio, who works on a road we walk down a lot. We were introduced to him our first day here. Sister Ogle remembered where he works and always waves when we walk by. Monday night we didn´t have any appointments scheduled, she waved, and before I knew it I was walking into his work. We sat and chatted for a while. And he gave us two referrals. One of which we met and marked for the next day and the other for Sunday. Which is where the miracles started happening. 

This week we had a little adventure to Itajaí (the Elders´ area) to get some documentation stuff done. It was super cool! Super fun, super pretty! I had pictures that I was really excited to send from there, but my camera started erasing short it´s having issues, and I don´t have the pics any more... 
Later that day, when we got back we had the lesson with the first referral, Bruna and Robson. They wanted to know more about Marcio´s church and they knew that the church likes families a lot so they were really interested in that. We went and had the first lesson, and Robson has been searching for a really good church his whole life. We talked about prophets, and how there are prophets here on the earth today. They really liked it and invited us back on Saturday. And were already planning on coming to church Sunday.

Wednesday we had interviews with President. We got a training and talked about the Atonement a little and what the Atonement can do for us, so that was pretty cool. We talked a lot that day with the American Elders. They are absolutely hilarious and we just sat there laughing with them for like 4 hours straight. It was so fun! My interview with President went really good. Apparently I was in there for 20 minutes. But he helped me understand how I can be a little better, and it really made me realize how important Mission Presidents are and that they are really just here to help us.
The American Crew from the day we had interviews with President Silva
Marcio called us with another referral, and we went and met him the next day.

Thursday: the new referral´s name was also Robson. Sister Ogle and I call him Robson 2. He wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon because Marcio had told him about how this book talks about the Aztecs and the Mayans and Incans. He wanted to buy it, but he looked up how to and it said to contact the missionaries. So we went in and gave him the whole restoration lesson. He has been looking for a church for 26 years and hasn´t found one he likes, he feels like there is a void in his life, and so much other stuff that was super awesome. Before we gave the First vision we talked about how the Spirit works, and for him he gets some weird tightening of a muscle or something. I don´t know how to explain it. We talked about the first vision, and how we have a prophet on the earth today and he was feeling the spirit so strongly, that when we walked out of the lesson Sister Ogle described it as "The Spirit was literally attacking him!" But Honestly, it was one of the most spiritual lessons I have been in. The spirit was testifying as much to me as it was to him. Robson 1 came and joined the lesson as we explained the Book of Mormon. We left a copy with each of them and challenged them to read and pray. They were both really excited about it. It was awesome. 

Saturday: We went back to Bruna´s and Robson´s. He had read, prayed, received a very strong answer, and knew the Book of Mormon was true and was hinting at baptism. Bruna had also prayed and knew that what we had taught the first time was true. We taught the rest of the Restoration, with the help of Robson haha. And left the challenge to read and pray with Bruna. It went really well. We invited them to get baptized at the end of the lesson and THEY BOTH ACCEPTED!!!! And are really excited about it!!!! Only thing is they aren´t married yet. Please pray that they can get everything in order they need to so that they can get married! They really want to!

Sunday, they came to church!!! And all the lessons were about prophets! Robson even participated! It was amazing! They loved church and are really excited about it!!! And they feel like this is the right path for their family. I cannot even begin to explain how natural it felt to have them at church, like they had been there with us for years! I am so excited for them! 

Well, that was really my week in a nutshell! 
Have a wonderful week! Love you all! 
Sister Wilkins

There was a baptism this week

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