Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week of Miracles!

Oi familia e amigos! 

This week was crazy!!! well, really not the week. Just these past three days. We had a crazy time trying to help one of our  investigators get baptized. 
Cleiton is super awesome. he is now the only member in his family because he was baptized on Saturday!!!! 
We went there and first miracle, we were able to finish teaching everything. We almost weren´t able to because he had some activities and wasn´t able to meet with us everyday. The day of his interview we lost the church keys and a member went and picked Cleiton up and then let us use their house for the interview. We didn´t have the keys to go and check on the font to see if it would fill up because the last couple baptisms there has been a lack of water and it was really difficult to baptize people. But we were able to borrow some keys and I spent almost an hour cleaning a baptismal font for the first time in my life. It was gross.
Then the day of the baptism, we left early to fill up the font, praying with all our hearts that we wouldn´t run out of water. The font filled up in ONE HOUR and could have kept going!!! It was amazing! And our bishop showed up to fill up the font because he didn´t know that we were planning on coming! So we went to lunch, and then went to Cleiton´s because we needed his mom´s signature so that he could be baptized....except that she wasn´t home! Of course not right, everything bad that can happen to prevent a baptism will happen. We got a member to drive us with Cleiton to where we thought that his mom was and then had to call her and ask her to come out! BUT we got the signature! We thought everything was good....and then we showed up to the church. Cleiton was already there, and so were a couple of members. But the friend that was supposed to baptize Cleiton, from another ward still hadn´t shown up. We called him and he wasn´t planning on coming. He said he didn´t know when it was or where it was and we were just like WHAT?! But another member went and picked him up, and in the end....CLEITON WAS BAPTIZED!!! :) 
So...moral of the story. I am very grateful for the members here in our ward and that they are super willing to help us out and give us rides, pick up investigators and friends, and also for offering their houses for our baptismal interviews. BE MEMBER MISSIONARIES!!! :) Love you all! 
And then the confirmation....the member who was supposed to confirm Cleiton didn´t show up. But it´s ok! He was confirmed. 
It really was a week of miracles! 

Well, other than that, I learned how to be a better missionary, our trio gave a training in district meeting and we are all really tired from the craziness of the last three days. But yup, love this area, love the members, love the people and love all of you! 
Hope you are all doing well. 

And if any of you would like to write me letters...I promise to write back! Ask my mom for the address! LOVE YOU! :) 

Have a wonderful week! 

This is my Lion King moment with the Book of Mormon in front of a ship in the Historic Center of our city
Remember who you are and what you stand for! 
1 Peter 2:21

Sister Wilkins

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Cleiton's Baptism
We went to a musuem.  This is how they made sugar...I think.

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