Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Go in chunks...

Oi família e amigos! 

This week was pretty slow. But we had interviews with President, and that was super awesome! 
I asked President about scripture study and how I could better my own personal study and he showed me how he studies and walked me through a passage of scripture that he had studied. That was super cool!!! I learned a lot from that. But one of the more important things I learned is that to take it piece by piece. Don´t try and take pages and pages of scripture and study it all...go in chunks. You will learn more, and as President told me, you will become more familiar with the scriptures! 

Well this week we had a holiday here in Brazil. The missionary manual says that sundays and holidays can be some of the best times for proselyting. Well, here in Brazil it´s the opposite. No one is home on holidays and everyone who is home on sundays is generally sleeping. We walked around this holiday and tried to teach a couple people, and those who were home gave us the cold shoulder and didn´t flat out say it, but they don´t want us to come back. But that´s ok! Easier for them to do that than us waste our time there if they aren´t going to progress. We are a little short on people to teach for the moment. 

But, we are teaching Marta and Alaide, a mother and daughter. When we first got here I thought that these two would never come to church and that it would be very difficult to get them to progress based on how our lesson went. Well, last Sunday they proved me wrong! They were both at church and then this week we were able to mark baptism dates with them!!! They are so awesome! It´s funny how sometimes the people who are least likely to progress are the ones who progress the most. 

We had stake conference this week and we went to Floripa. There was a 70, a member of the area presidency, and a couple from the Curitiba temple presidency there, along with President and Sister Silva. They talked a lot about faith and how sometimes we lack faith, but sometimes we lack the desire to act. I thought that was pretty cool. Someone else also said something along the lines of the things we focus on now will lead us places...but will they lead us to eternity? It was a really good conference. 
The stake presidency was reorganized and the old stake president had been stake president for 8 years!! That was crazy to me...but serving the Lord is serving the doesn´t matter our calling or how much time we are there. What matters is that we give our all to the Lord and that He knows we gave our best. That´s something else I learned from President.

Transfer calls are this week! No one knows what will happen...but there is a good chance I´ll be transferred. 
So, until next week! 
Love you all! 
Sister Wilkins

Don´t have any good pics from this here´s an old pic...

Me and a "dragon" at the museum
Our cliche nametag pic..haha

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