Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Transfers and Prayers

Helaman bought us hamburgers the size of our heads!
Oi familia e amigos! 

This week was so crazy and super long because we were waiting for transfer calls. They came during lu

nch at a members house on Thursday and we got calls. Sister Branco is getting transferred today and Sister Ogle and I are staying together in the Fazenda!!! Crazy stuff! But we are super excited!

This morning at the onibus station
Well, this week we visited with a teenager that we visited once before. She found out that she might be pregnant and is really worried. And she is now very receptive to the gospel. She wants to come to church and everything! It is so amazing how perfect the Lord´s timing is! 

We also had a less-active miracle. We were talking with this less active who is only a couple years older than us at lunch and found out he plays piano and that he used to play during sacrament. We begged him to come and play this week. MIRACLE-HE CAME!!! And it was AMAZING!!! We don't have anyone in the ward who can play very well. But he got up there, sat down and started playing and the whole congregation sang How Firm A Foundation louder and with more enthusiasm than I have ever heard them before. I was in tears. It was amazing. 

Well, this week I had a couple experiences with prayer and I started thinking about the importance of prayer. First, we went to catch an ônibus and it was freezing and I was feeling really sick to my stomach and just wanted to go home. The bus wasn't starting. Said a quick prayer and after I said Amen it started. The next day, also feeling sick to my stomach, we were walking to lunch. I was almost sure I wasn't going to be able to eat anything and so I was praying hard that I would be able to eat. We got there and it was fish for lunch.....more prayers...lots more prayers, and I was able to eat it all! And then the ônibus' weren't working earlier this week...they went on strike...and we were praying that they would work or we might not have been able to have transfers. The next day the ônibus´ were up and running again. I have such a strong testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He will never fail to respond. And he never stops listening. 
I also have been trying really hard to have more meaningful prayers my whole mission...and this week my prayers changed. I always read and heard that the Spirit will tell us what to pray for, but I never really understood it. Until this week. I was praying and then suddenly came to mind someone or something that I needed to pray for. And I know it wasn't me because I never would have thought of that. I know that the Spirit helps us to know what we should pray for and it works! I am so grateful for prayer and for the opportunity we have to communicate with a loving Father in Heaven who is always listening and will always respond if we open our ears to hear. 

Love you all! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Sister Wilkins

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