Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Oi família e amigos! Tudo bem!?

This week was really fast. The weather here is wack. Some days we are sweating in short sleeve shirts and others we are piling on clothes to stay warm. The weather makes no sense here. 

Well this week we worked really hard. And we found a referral from a while back. His name is Francisco. He and his family recently moved here and they went to a ward in our zone THREE TIMES!!! The sisters started teaching him because they found out that he actually lives right on the border of the area, but the house is in our area. So we have been trying for forever to mark with this guy to teach him and finally got to! It was awesome! He said that he wants to join the church, but his wife is a little more hesistant because she´s heard a lot of false rumors about the church. But we are excited to teach them and they are super accepting and they even gave us açai---from the north...the real stuff. It is soooooo good. They also had us try some other weird fruit, but I have never seen of it or heard of it. It was strange. 

Well, what else. This week we had a zone training and we revisited the things we learned at the mission tour with Elder Zwick. We talked about "Simplify. Testify. Intestify." It was really good. We learned that we shouldn´t be doing hardly any of the talking in the lessons and how to make our lessons more simple. It was awesome! 

And yesterday we had the neat experience to see our recent convert, Cleiton pass the sacrament for the first time. He was so happy and excited! It was so awesome. He also got to go to the temple with the ward this Saturday. Holy cow, I have never seen him with such a big grin on his face. He was so happy when we asked him about it. I have such a strong testimony of the temple and the importance that it has in our lives. We should be striving to make it to the temple and always be worthy to hold a temple recommend so that at any moment we can enter the house of God. I know that the temple is where we can find peace and happiness that the things of the world could never bring. I love the temple. My appreciation for that sacred place has grown as I have not had the chance to go back for nearly a year. I miss it and the Spirit that resides there. Take advantage of the temple! They aren´t that far away and the biggest sacrifice will probably be the time or the money, but I PROMISE that it will all be worth it. 

Also, Happy Father´s Day to all the Father´s out there! And especially to my awesome Dad! He is such a great example to me and I am forever grateful for the lessons that I have learned from him. Love you dad! 

Love you all! Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Wilkins

This is us with some rosca. It´s like a puffy, crunchy cheese bread. I really don´t know how to explain it. But the last time I had it was in Tubarão and I finally found it again! I was so excited!!! 

And these are the Americans in our zone!

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