Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It rained, it poured, and it rained some more

Oi família e amigos! 

Well this week I started off by making brownies and they were super delicious, although they turned out a little more cakey than I would have liked. 

Well, it rained and it poured and then it rained some more this week. And so it is difficult. And it got all cold here again, but we are still working hard and hoping that we´ll find people. 

Maristela....what can I say? Teaching her is like riding a roller coaster. She gets going really good up the hill and we are holding our breath that everything will work out, and then suddenly everything drops fast. She texts us saying that she doesn´t want us to visit her that day or that she won´t be going to the activity, etc. But she stopped drinking coffee and we figured out why she hasn´t been coming to church, so I am really hoping that it gets better!

Everyone here that we are teaching is beginning to reject what we are teaching. We teach about the Priesthood and they say that their pastor or the Pope has the priesthood, even though we explain that the priesthood was lost and only restored through Joseph Smith. They don´t want to accept it. that´s rough...we have two investigators in that situation right now, 

We found a lady named Debora this week tracting. She was super awesome! We taught her the Restoration and she understood it all and then at the end said that she believed it was true. We asked her to pray and she said she would and we left the lesson super happy and excited. The day we were supposed to go back she sent us a text saying that she had received her answer, she knew it was true, but she was going to continue with her church and her religion and to use the time we would have been teaching her to find someone who needed to find the right path. That was a bummer.

Well, we did finally get into a referral´s house. Elizabete is the girlfriend of a member here in the ward. She has learned a lot from the member and understands really well and wants to learn more. And she came to church!!! That was a miracle. 

Well, that´s about it for this week.
I am grateful for the Priesthood. I have been studying about authority and the Priesthood power and I know that the Priesthood power was restored to the earth so that we could be blessed. Heavenly Father wants to bless us, but we have to ask, we have to reach out to Him. I am grateful for the worthy Priesthood holders in my life and for their willingness to bless others with this authority. 

Love you all! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Wilkins

Sunday Selfie

Brownies :) 

The sky was totally white when I got up this morning. I couldn´t even see the street below our window. This was a few hours after, but it was still really white and really cold!

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