Friday, August 5, 2016

Just another week

Oi família e amigos! 

Well this week started off pretty exciting. I was going to get in the shower one night when I saw some huge insect crawling in the other Sisters´ room. It was a cockroach, literally 3 or 4 inches long. It was disgusting. We spent the next 40+ minutes, jumping from chair to chair with brooms in hand, trying to kill it. Turns out that the thing was pretty good at hide and seek. But we killed it. Some of it´s kids are still lurking around the house though. So that´s fun! haha
cool fountain in the middle of the city

Well, we had zone training this week and that was cool. There are four Americans in the zone. That´s pretty weird for me. Elder Naylor is in my zone, so I got to sit and talk to him for a while. And then there´s Elder Peterson and Elder Norman. We learned about teaching with the Spirit and being the instruments of the Spirit. That was pretty cool.
The sisters at zone training
Me and sister E Costa

Well, we have an investigator who flat out told us in my first visit with her that she doesn´t want to be baptized. But she reads the Book of Mormon and she likes that it explains things that she doesn´t understand from the Bible. I don´t understand!! It was pretty weird. We are trying to discover how we can help her. 

Also, we found a 16 year old girl this week, thinking that we were going to find another person we were looking for. She let us in for a message and she is super awesome! She wants to know all about the plan of salvation, but she didn´t know that´s what she needed! We started talking about God because she didn´t understand why bad things could happen to people and why God would let that happen. We got to talk with her about choices and consequences and responsibility. It was pretty cool. She seems really interested and we are really excited about it all. 

Well this week, we went looking for a lot of new people to teach, and we found about 10, and it was pretty incredible to me that several of them talked about how they had been praying or fasting that day that God would send them a light. We got to be that light. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I get to answer the prayers of those searching for the truth. It really is a life-changing experience.

View from our little balcony

hope you are all doing well! 
Love you all! 
Would love to hear from you all! 

Sister Wilkins

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