Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In Chapeco

Well oi família e amigos. 

I arrived in Chapecó at 6:15 tuesday morning and it was FREEZING!!! It is a lot colder here than any other area I have been in. I traveled alone, but it was totally uneventful. 
Saying goodbye at the bus station

Famous Florianopolis bridge from the bus

Chapecó is huge and has a TON of hills. Which is exactly the opposite of what people told me. The weather here is super wacky. It´s so cold and foggy in the morning that you can barely see anything and then after lunch we are sweating like crazy because it is so hot. And then 5 o´clock comes around and it already starts getting cold again. 

Me and Sister Costa
Well, I have a new comp, Sister E. Costa. She is from Manaus! She says it´s a city there...not just boats and rivers and forests like I thought....she is really excited about the work, so that´s awesome. And she loves to do contacts, which is great! 

Well, here there are a lot of orange trees. I swear there are orange trees in everyone´s backyard. So we drink fresh orange juice at a lot of the lunches and members and investigators send us home with cuties! (aka clementines!) It is super awesome! 

Here, the church is in the Elder´s area. There is a reallly big main road that splits our area with theirs, We have one side, and we can´t cross the road or it is their side. But the church is in their area and we have to take a bus and then walk 20 minutes to get there. 

They have started a "open house" with the wards here. Every Thursday us sisters and at least one of the three companionships of Elders in our district goes to the church and we wait outside and invite everyone who passes by to come inside for a tour of the church. And we invite them to church on Sunday! It is pretty cool. A different idea. Just started last transfer, so they haven´t seen too many results yet, but we are hoping that it helps. 

Our district is 10 people again. 2 new elders from the CTM. And two other American elders. It´s pretty chill. 
Our District in Chapeco

Well, we have a couple investigators here with some good potential, but I want to tell you about just one of them. 
Her name is Maristela. She has a 2 year old boy who is extremely intelligent and sometimes makes it difficult to have a lesson. And she visited the church once 7 years ago with a member. Well, the other sisters found her and started teaching her. This week in the first visit we taught her about prophets and it went really well. At the end of the visit she started asking about baptism! It was awesome. The second visit we taught the rest of the Restoration of the Gospel to her, and left a Book of Mormon. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes!!! :) We still have to set a date, and she still has to come to church because for some reason or another she didn´t come yesterday. But she is really excited about it all! Please pray for her and that she will make it to church. Something always happens that makes it so she can´t go. 

Well, hope you are all doing good! 
I love you! 

Sister Wilkins

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