Thursday, July 7, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

Oi família e amigos! 

This week has been pretty rough. No one we are teaching is progressing, and everyone else wants nothing to do with the church. It´s been a week of rejection. Sometimes missionary work is really frustrating. 

But this week we had zone conference with President. 

It was super good. The APs talked about weekly planning and how to conduct an effective weekly planning. And then they talked about how the standards of excellency are possible and what we have to reach those goals. 

We have been having trouble getting people to come to church in our area and I guess we are the only ones who are consistently having this problem with the São José and Floripa zones. So everyone was giving us suggestions on how to get people there. A majority we had already tried, but it was interesting. It was cool to get some advice. 

President talked about "Saltar do Barco" (I am not sure what the English translation for saltar is...I think it is get off or leave, something like that...leave the boat). He talked about getting out of the comfort zone and doing better. It was based off a talk/fireside from Elder Bednar. It was pretty good. 

Then he showed us the "Atonement and Missionary Work" video with parts of Elder Holland and President Eyring´s talks. It was super good. Of course all us sisters were practically in tears if they weren´t rolling down our cheeks already. But it was super good. It was in that moment watching that video  that something really struck me about the Atonement. I´ve been trying to get better about how tired I am on the mission...leave the sleepiness at home and just go out and work. And then it hit me. The following was my thought process: "Did Christ get tired during the Atonement? Probably. But did He stop? Did He give up on us? NO (add Elder Holland´s voice in on that last no) Thus, we as missionaries, we as members of the church cannot give up on the children of God. He never gave up on us. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with Him in this work." 
It is possible! We cannot accept to tire out in this work because it is His. He didn´t tire out doing His work for us, we can´t doing His. 
I don´t have time to type the courage study from two weeks ago that I wanted to share with you , but I will take pics and send them. 

I love you all! 
Have a good week! 

Sister Wilkins

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