Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Oi familia e amigos! 

well, as you can tell from the title, this week we moved apartments. That was the majority of our week. It was some pretty crazy stuff. We got everything in our apartment packed in about 4 hours. That was a miracle. And the next morning all the furniture was taken apart, everything loaded into the moving truck and everything moved and put back together in about 5 hours. It was some pretty crazy stuff. The guys that moved us were carrying like four boxes on their backs up 3 flights of stairs, a washing machine on their was crazy stuff. 

Well, this week has been rough still. Work is still hard but we are doing what we can to get it going here. 

We had a fireside with President in our ward yesterday and he talked about scripture study and missionary work...and marriage...that was pretty random. But it was super good. I think that the ward is going to help us a bunch! 

Subway in the new apartment
Yesterday at church we had a less active returned missionary show up at church with her husband and ask us to come and start teaching him so he can be baptized. JAW DROP. That was a miracle if I ever knew one. No one that we invited or that said they would come to church was actually there. But things are going. 

This week we get transfer calls. We know that something is going to happen, but not sure what. Let you know next week. 

Hope you are all doing well. Sorry this is kinda short. Not much happened. I love you! 

My district

Sister Wilkins

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