Monday, October 10, 2016

Conference! :)

Well oi família e amigos! 

This week was somewhat eventful. 
I finished reading Jesus the Christ and would invite you all to read it! Your testimony of the Savior and His divine mission will grow immensely! 

Well, the week started off real interesting....I was peed on by a members dog. Gotta love dogs :P
And the next day we had a man stop us on the street asking if he could talk to a member. We took him to the young men´s president. And he talked with him a bit. And then came and talked to all of us. He told us he´d been homosexual for 29 years and managed to stop. But that he was trying to get a job and had to return to his city, and needed money and prayers...that was interesting. 
Well, you sure do see a lot of strange things on the mission. 

We went and taught Elizabete this week and found out she had doubts about some of the stuff that the Church teaches. One of which was tithing. so we taught her about tithing, and cleared everything up! Things are going really well. And she is going with the ward to the temple this week! She knows she won´t be able to enter, but she´s excited. And I am hoping that she´ll receive a response there! 

CONFERENCE!!! I loved conference! And I have come to realize that we are always learning the same things. About the scriptures, prayer, going to church, etc. Because it is the small things that count. 

AVELINO, our less-active, came to the first session!!! I was SOOOOO EXCITED!!! He´s been less active for about 15 years. And he came, by himself! On his bike!!! :) And it is a long way from his house.

Well, running out of time, but wanted to share this quote that I loved: "All that the Lord expects of us is that we try." -Pres. Hinckley
Don´t give up! The gospel is true! READ, PONDER, STUDY and REWATCH or LISTEN to the talks from this weekend! You will be blessed immensely! I love this gospel! I love all of you! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Sister Wilkins

Avelino at conf. 

And other selfies...

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