Monday, October 24, 2016

"I've Got a Blank Space, Baby, and I'll Write Your Name"

Oi familia e amigos e todo o mundo!!!! 

This week was super good! I am super happy! Things are super great! (Sorry in advance for all the excitement to come that may or may not make sense)

This week we went and taught Pedro, Rosangela, and Aime the Restoration. The Spirit was so strong, they´ve already received testimonies about the Book of Mormon and they accepted the convite baptismal!!!! (They accepted the invitation to be baptized). We walked out of that lesson nearly flying home. We practically ran all the way there (because we were almost late) because we were so excited! There was a baptism on saturday in the Elders' ward that we got to go to and we invited this family. THEY CAME!!! And they came to church!!!! :) SO HAPPY!!! But we found out that there are some family problems that we never imagined and that they might be moving back to the Bahia at the end of the year...please pray for them. The bishop is going to talk to them and see if he can help. 

This week we had interviews with President. It was awesome. 
I asked him about his thoughts on college and such and we had a really good talk. Asked him what I could do to be better since my mission is coming to a close (tears....) and he helped me to realize how far I have already come. That was awesome. 

This week we found two or three new investigators every day!!!! WE HAD 18 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK!!!! :) Well, that was legit, and hence the title of this email...we have been writing registros (forms) for about an hour a night every night of the week. And then we collapse exhausted in bed. It is AWESOME!!! 

This week it has heated up a lot but it has also rained a ridiculous amount here. It is crazy. They are having some problems with heavy rain in some areas of the mission, but it´s good. Don´t worry all the missionaries are safe. It´s helping us cool off instead of dying every day of heat. 

Loving the mission more and more every second. There are times when it is hard, when all you want to do is sit in bed and cry or study until your eyes can´t handle it. But there is nothing better. If you are considering a mission, please stop considering and decide to go. You WILL NOT regret it. And you will grow more than you could ever imagine. 

Love you all! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Wilkins

Interviews with some of the missionaries..

Really cool flower we found while walking yesterday

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