Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week of New Investigators!

Oi familia e amigos!!! 

Well, I don´t think I have been this tired in a long time. This week was so long. We had a holiday on Wednesday and it rained. Normally here in Brazil no one would answer the door in this circumstance. WE GOT IN AND SHARED MESSAGES AT ALMOST EVERY HOUSE WHERE SOMEONE ANSWERED THE DOOR!!!! :) 

President has sent us a lot of emails and we have talked a lot lately about finding one new investigator every day. Sister Evangelista and I have taken that very seriously and we are working really hard to find one, or more, new investigators every day. On the holiday (Children´s day) we found 7!!!!!!!!!!!! And most of them were couples!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!! AND EXCITED!!! 
So, we got 15 new people to teach this week, but three said that they didn´t want to receive our messages after we finished...

Well, what else? I talked in Sacrament meeting yesterday about the pioneers in my family. That was actually really cool. Bishop asked me to talk about my feelings towards these people and how because of them I can serve a mission. Well, the stake President was there and I was a little nervous. I had to talk for 15 minutes, and everyone there was totally stone-faced when I was talking. I was grateful when I finished. But it all worked out really well. The members all really liked it and said it was good and that I am speaking really well...when I was up there I could have sworn that I went backwards in progress about 6 months. But it was really interesting, because the people here are almost all first generation members (and then there´s the second generation with their kids) so I have heard a lot of their stories and I got to share mine and how we are all pioneers, independent of how many generations are in the church because we all have to make the choice to be baptized and then work to be converted to Christ. Sadly I realized that I don´t know a lot about how my family learned about the church...just one great-great-great grandpa. Got a lot of work to do when I get home. 

Avelino came to sacrament meeting!!! :) I was soooo happy!! 

Well, it is super hot. We basically melted today and yesterday. we bought milkshakes and I got  sandals for R$11 (pics to follow). 

What more can I say??
We are working with a guy named Fernando. He is engaged to a less-active. We taught him about the Book of Mormon this week and he said he´d read it! And wants to be baptized but he wants to know what his commitments with the church are first. Please pray for him!! 

Loving this work more and more every day. It truly is the work of God and He really does bring about miracles when we do our part. 

Well, that´s about it for the week. 
Love you all! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Sister Wilkins

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