Thursday, November 3, 2016

They came. AS A FAMILY!

Oi família e amigos! 

Well, another week has come and gone, and yet another week we have had crazy weather. One morning the rain looked like snow and it was really cold...I was nearly convinced that it was snow...and the next day we were melting. And so went our week...but what´s new?

This week we had a couple of large miracles. Rosangela, Pedro, and Aime have a baptism date marked, but Rosangela is not married and Cesar, her "husband" was not listening to many of our messages because he was asleep. Well, we organized things better to go there with a member. We taught him the word of wisdom because he has a drinking problem and their family drinks coffee. But the members helped a ton and they committed to live the word of wisdom! Later that night they came to an Integration Night as a family and to church the next day. AS A FAMILY!!! I WAS SO HAPPY! Pray for them. We need a miracle with a marriage or they won´t be able to baptized when it´s´s scheduled for the middle of November.

Rosangela, Cesar, Pedro, and Aime at church!

Well, we had the Integration night and we set up the church to be kind of like Lehi´s dream. We had a bunch of returned missionaries and other members in our ward help us to try and pull people off the rope, the iron rod, so they couldn´t get to the tree of life (a tree with chocolate strung on the branches). It was awesome. The investigators loved it and the members too. It reminded me of my second year at girls camp, when I had my first Lehi´s dream experience and how much I learned from that little experience that we  can never let go of the scriptures, never stop praying or going to church, because it is with the little things that Satan gets us. Little by little, he will never ask us to take a big leap, but will guide us step by step until we reach the edge and he can push us. The scriptures, prayer, and church attendance are what keep us strong in the gospel. 

Well, this week we had a lot of our investigators that were progressing more than others tell us that they were out of town dealing with family health problems and would call us when they got back or that they were really busy and would call us when they have a bit of time...which means that we aren´t going to hear back from a lot of these people and we have some work to do finding investigators who will progress. 

Trying new foods again from the NorthEast of Brazil. Super good stuff. 
Well, that´s about all my news. 
Happy halloween! Stay safe!
Love you all! 
Sister Wilkins

Super delicious dessert we made this week


This is how I am celebrating halloween :) 

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