Thursday, November 24, 2016

Final Transfer!

Oi família e amigos!!! 

Well, I have a lot to say, we´ll see if I can get to it all.

Last Monday we had a lesson with Rosangela and Cesar and their family and we made them pancakes and maple syrup. They liked it a lot and it was super fun! 

Tuesday, we had lunch with Irmã Andreia. In her house I am known as Sister Frozen, but they can´t decide if I am Ana or Elsa. It´s pretty funny. It was super hot that day and she asked if I had brought ice... love her! 
Tuesday was day of the Republic or something like that here in Brazil. Well, we took advantage of that and we started gathering up the copies of the Book of Mormon that we had distributed from investigators who weren´t using it. We got four...only two left. And we put quite a few people in the ex-pesquisadores section of our area book. But it was inspired because....

Wednesday morning about 9 o´clock, President called. He started with me and said that I would go to Biguaçu, that I would be whitewashing, living with Sister Ogle, and that my comp would be Sister Chagas. I nearly screamed....mentira...I squealed quite a bit and was jumping up and down and nearly in tears. Sister Evangelista was transfered to the Elder´s area (Ala 1...but we didn´t find that out until Thursday) and so there will only be one companionship in Chapecó 2 now....that was sad. I don´t like closing areas. It´s sad and there´s a lot of work there for one companionship now. But they are going to have a lot of success. 

Thursday we took some pics in Centro...will include later.
And we had another lesson with Rosangela, Cesar, and Pedro. They got the documents for marriage in progress. Just a matter of time before they can go to the cartorio and get everything going :) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Friday was our last district meeting and we got all our traveling info, and then things became slightly hectic to get all the bags ready and the apartment clean and everything. 
We also had a lesson with Fernanda and Andressa. They are sooo awesome!!! Love them! We taught them a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and they were just so amazed at how we explain the Fall of Adam and Eve and it was all just super awesome! 

Saturday we spent a few hours in the morning cleaning. And moving furniture, which involved taking down a door to move a bed. It was legit. 
And then there were four baptisms that night! Super awesome and the spirit was so strong. 

Sunday was the primary program in our ward. Aime participated and did super well! It was so good. I love how the primary brings such a special spirit to the room. I cried, but I´m sure that´s no surprise for you guys. 
And then we took lots of pics with people and went back to the apartment to finish getting everything ready. We went to the Rodoviaria and stayed there for a while. My bus left at 10:15 last night. And I got to Floripa...

Monday 9:30. Waited for Sister Chagas there at the rodoviaria. Barely slept on the bus I was so excited and not all that tired, until the middle of the night. I SAW SISTER GEORGE ONE LAST TIME ON THE MISSION!!!! AND SISTER CHILD (but not for the last time) And a bunch of other friends who are going home. Man, I am grateful to be back closer to the escritorio.
Chapecó helped me to learn a lot and I was sad to leave, but I am excited and ready for the next adventure here in the branch of Biguaçu! :) 
Our area is pretty small, but I know that there are a ton of people waiting for us. Please pray that this week we can find lots of people to teach. We are whitewashing/opening this area and this week we will probably be knocking a lot of doors. Please pray for the people here that their hearts can be softened and that they can open their doors and let the missionaries in! :) 

I love you all! 
Hope all is well at home and that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And remember to give thanks for the greatest gift that was given to us- our Savior.
I love Him. I know that He lives. I know that He can redeem us from our sins and that all that seems impossible can be made possible through him. I have experienced the impossible more times than I can count on my mission and am forever grateful for all that I have learned because of it. 

Philipians 4: 13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Wilkins

Sister Chagas, Sister Ogle, Sister Pina, and me

Sou bem Chapecó...and the chapecó mascot?

Santa in the tree and the catholic cathedral in the background

Last lesson with Rosangela, Cesar, Pedro, and Aime

Our district +4

"Other Chapecó mascot"


Last few minutes together as 4 in Chapecó

We found a giant pig :)

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