Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NEWS FLASH!!! Sister Wilkins now likes Peanut Butter!

Oi família e amigos!!! 

This week sure has been interesting. We knocked doors our first two days here. I swear we knocked at least 300 doors in those two days...and guess what happened?!  No one let us in. It was rough.

Well, we had a couple miracles and were able to find 5 new investigators this week! 

What else? Our ramo is awesome. The members here are wonderful and I think we have as many irmãs here as there were in Chapecó. But everyone here is super nice and wants to help the missionaries. I have been blessed on my mission with areas that want to help the missionaries :) 

We fed some baby birds that we found in a mailbox. They were making quite a bit of noise...will see if I can send the video. 

I ate a peanut butter sandwich and...wait for it.,...I loved it!!! :) haha, the mission sure does change a Sister. 

WE had Thanksgiving dinner with the American couple that serves in our branch, the Davis´s. They made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, jello, homemade rolls, and apple pie, among other things. It was the best. Forgot how much I love American food! But Brazilian food is super good too!

I received a sad noticia...all my recent convert friends from my first area have gone inactive...please pray for the people of Tubarão to receive the missionaries and return to church. 

There are a lot of bugs here and the bug bites have returned. 

Well, all this is happening and yet I am super happy and it is wonderful! :) There is nothing better than sharing the gospel, even amidst the trials. 
WE have seen various miracles this week...we were given a couple of referrals and didn´t ever get the number of the house, just the color of the car or the market next door. But somehow we were able to find all these people...well at least their houses, 2 weren´t home. And one of them was super excited to hear about the church!

Also during a family night a member showed the video Juntos Para Sempre (together forever) about the Plan of Salvation and the death of a daughter in a family. I cried. My testimony has been greatly strengthened in the knowledge that I have that God has a plan for me and my family and that if we all do our part we can live together forever. I am grateful for my family, grateful for all of you, for the knowledge of the gospel and for the opportunity to share it with the people here in Brazil. 
And more than anything I am grateful for the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. He understands everything about us and I am grateful that through the Atonement my weaknesses may be made strong. 

Well, love you all! 
Hope all is well! 
Sister Wilkins

WE climbed up a huge staircase...

this is the view...

and this is us after the climb...

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