Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Abacaxi Com Doce de leite

Oi família e amigos! 

Well, this week was super good. And it felt like nothing much happened, but looking back I have a ton to tell you. Praying that I can type fast enough.

Well, first off. We went to have a lesson on Monday with Rosangela, Cesar, Pedro, and Aime. We taught about the Plan of Salvation. They are keeping the word of wisdom. Things are going super good. And at the end of the lesson we were just all smiles. I asked if there was anything that we could do to help them. And Rosangela said, "Well, you guys walk around a lot and know a lot more about the city...and I was wondering if you could get information for me about what we need to get married?" JAW DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was almost crying. It was wonderful!!! So now we are waiting for a few documents, and hopefully within the next month there will be a marriage and a family getting baptized!!!! They are progressing so much and I am super happy!!! They went to a stake activity on Wednesday and they are interacting with the members a lot more. Their family is so much happier. EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL!!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! 

This week we ate a LOT of pizza. Twice for lunch and then we went to the Rodizzio...which is a pizza buffet. I ate 14 pieces of pizza. Holy cow. We were so stinking full afterwards. But I have discovered that the best pizza to exist is abacaxi com doce de leite (pineapple with something that is sort of like carmel sauce). 

We are teaching a family of three women-a mom (who doesn´t live in this city, but is taking care of the granddaughter, so is here during the week) Elizamar, and two of her daughters-Fernanda and Andressa. We found Fernanda knocking doors and shared the message of the Restoration with her and she was super interested. And the other week we taught the three of them about the Book of Mormon! They read and have a testimony and are surprised that other religions don´t have this book and think that it should be published for the whole world, haha :) 

Well, now that it is November, the Christmas decorations are going up and I am contacting with Christmas pass-along cards. It´s pretty funny. Sometimes people look at me really strange...as if there was something wrong with being excited for Christmas in two months! haha

This week we taught a Pastora (the woman version of a pastor..). Her husband is also a pastor. She was pretty awesome. And really liked how we taught the Plan of Salvation. haha. And then she prayed. And with every sentence she raised her voice a little more...at the end of the prayer she was nearly screaming. That was a little scary haha. 

Saturday had the first baptism..well actually two... here in nearly a year...maybe more. The ward is super excited and helping us out a ton. Things are going super well!

Well, we have Eduarda (a less-active), Elizabete, Rosangela, Cesar, Pedro, and Aime all progressing. And many investigators that have a lot of potential! Please pray for them. We need some miracles here. Hoping to see a few this week :) 

Love you all! 
Hope things are going well!
Have a wonderful week! 
Sister Wilkins

At the Rodizzio...last piece of pizza
Selfie, day of the baptism

Two districts, we meet at the same church for district meeting

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