Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cockroaches and Fruitflies

Oi família e amigos! 

This week has been good.
The District

Other than the attack we received from cockroaches and fruit flies. We´ve killed 4 cockroaches the size of my palm in a matter of days, and several smaller ones. One of them even flew and disappeared for a bit, but it appeared again and we managed, after a lot of screams and waving the broom around, to kill it. The fruit flies appeared quickly. And the next day there were nearly 1000 around our trash and close to the sink. We are still working to get rid of them. 

This week we were contacting on the street and I stopped a man and started talking to him. He congratulated us for serving a mission, told us to continue and then said "Jesus está voltando logo!!!" And kept repeating (Jesus is returning soon!). Well, we´ve heard a lot this week about how "Jesus is returning soon" and I have become ever more grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the knowledge that if we receive the ordinances of the gospel and keep the commandments and our covenants we can be with our family for forever and we don´t need to worry about what will happen. We will not fear the judgment day if we do what is right. I am grateful for this gospel and the peace it brings to my mind to know that yes, Christ will return, but that we need not fear this day, but we should prepare. 

We have been teaching a family of three women for about a month, Elizamar (mother), and Fernanda and Andressa (daughters). Well, we found out that Andressa is a lawyer and has been questioning some of what we have taught because she was not in the first lesson when we taught about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This week we were able to talk with her and answer her questions, and everything made sense to her. And she found it super interesting. Their family is awesome and we are working with them to get to church, but it is slightly complicated because the mom doesn´t live here and they return to her house with her on the weekend to see their dad. Please pray for them that they can come to church! 

Well, Rosangela, Cesar, Aime and Pedro are still doing good. But they are needing lots of prayers. The process to get the documents they need from their state to get married is turning out to be complicated. We need some prayers that things will work out and that they will have the help of their family to get the documents necessary, and not give up even though it might be difficult!! Prayers would be much appreciated for them. 

We are inviting everyone here to be baptized and we are finding some really special people who are accepting the invitation. The problem is that people are too lazy or too busy to come to church. So if you could include in your prayers a general "please bless the people of Chapecó 2 to come to church" that would be great! 

Funny moment of the week: 

We found a sofa in decent condition in the middle of the road while knocking doors yesterday. No one was around, so of course we sat and took pics. And then laughed as cars passed on either side of us giving us strange looks. haha

Love you all! 
Hope things are well! 
Would love to hear from you guys! 
Sister Wilkins

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